Which Cheese Goes With Which Wine, Beer or Cider?

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Which Cheese Goes With Which Wine, Beer or Cider?

Oooh La La!

Back in the 1970’s there was a new kid on the food and drink block – the infamous and ever so slightly pretentious Cheese & Wine Party.

This very French and very civilised little weekend soiree saw friends and neighbours sharing fruits of vine and cow with fellow residents from the cul-de-sac. It was a social staple and ironically, a bit of a fashion statement, in a decade otherwise characterized by bell-bottom flares,  big hair and the platform shoe!

Like most trends, enthusiasm for the Cheese & Wine Party soon waned and it became .. well, frankly, a little bit cheesy, only to resurface years later, first in the shape of the sharing cheese fondue, and later as the more modern tasting and pairing events we know and love today.

But one thing has never changed.  Cheese and wine are made for each other, and anyone who really knows their cheese (or their wine) will have an encyclopaedic knowledge (based on some rather enjoyable experimentation) of what goes with what.

Bring On The Beer – Or The Cider?

But what about cheese paired with beer – or even cider?

Although wineries are growing in the UK, we still tend to buy our wine from France, Italy, Chilli, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, yet England is famous for its breweries and its apple and pear orchards, and we are a nation of beer and cider drinkers.

Beer has long been regarded as a compatible bed-fellow for cheese – particularly the more aged, vintage cheddars, but there’s no doubt that cider is hot on its heels as the perfect companion.

According to our good friends at Speciality Food Magazine,  in its process and sensory properties, cider is closer to wine than beer. That means that the same criteria for dreaming up heavenly taste matches between cheese and wine applies to cheese and cider; how sweet or dry the cider is, to what extent it is carbonated, how tannic it is, or how tart. https://www.specialtyfood.com/news/article/easy-pairings-hard-cider-and-cheese/

It’s fascinating stuff.

Try The Truckle Taste Test

Not surprisingly we’re quite an authority ourselves – and we invite you to try out our recommendations.

Truckle Cheese Blue Stilton or Blue Shropshire with sweet dessert wines, sweet or medium ciders, fruity or craft beers and flavoured gins.

Truckle Cheese Midsummer Blue soft cheese, Baron Bigood  or our guest cheeses Caboc and Black Crowdie with carbonated ciders.

Truckle Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar or Vintage Cruncher Special Reserve Cheddar with sparkling ciders, a glass of Corbieres and most bitters and porters.

Truckle’s tangy Goat’s Cheese with the more tart ciders.

Truckle’s English Mature Farmhouse Cheddar with a full-bodied Chardonnay like Chablis, a punchy Claret or Rioja or nice cold craft beers.

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