A Scottish Romance – Highlands & Islands

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A Scottish Romance – Highlands & Islands

Ruggedly beautiful, charmingly wild and steeped in history – Scotland is famous for many things. Craggy snow-topped mountains, deep dark lochs and ferocious Vikings, not to mention whisky, wool, haggis, tartan and bagpipes.

But would you check out the cheese?

Introducing Caboc and Black Crowdie – the newest additions to The Truckle Cheese Family and worthy contenders, surely, for Scotland’s ‘famous for’ list.

A Taste Sensation

Caboc is a rennet-free cheese originating in the Western Highlands as far back as the fifteenth century. Reputation has it that the recipe was created by the daughter of a Scottish Chieftan, who fled to Ireland to avoid certain matrimony with a member of the Campbell Clan, and learned to make cheese in the refuge of an Irish nunnery.

This may, or may not be true, but whatever its history, one thing’s for certain, Caboc is a melt-in-the-mouth taste sensation; an exquisite, pale primrose yellow fusion of buttery, double-cream cheese, rolled in toasted pinhead oatmeal for added crunch, and a mild, sour tang for a bit of kick.

Texture-wise it’s a little thicker than clotted cream, similar to other cream cheeses like mascarpone.

Paired with watercress and dry brown toast, this delightful little rolled cheese makes for a delicious starter, but it’s all down to individual preference, and we like ours melted over steak (we promise you the taste will blow you away). You can even mix Caboc with a wee Drambuie or malt whisky and serve it as a rich and creamy dessert for an unrivalled treat with an unique Scottish flavour.

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Nordic Origins

So what about Black Crowdie?

Said to be Scotland’s most ancient cheese, Crowdie is believed to have been introduced by the Vikings in the early eighth century or even earlier by the Picts.  Originally the name of an oatmeal porridge – ‘crowdie’ was the term given to any staple foodstuff and it soon transferred to cheese.

Crowdie became known as the universal cheese of the Scottish crofter, widely made at home. Black Crowdie is a wonderful variation of a traditional recipe – a rich cream cheese hand-rolled, like Caboc, in Scottish pinhead oatmeal, but mixed with crushed black peppercorns for added spice. It is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite malt for a real Highland experience.

These ancient cheeses are unique to the Scottish Highlands and Islands and are apparently not made anywhere else in Europe.

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On the subject of islands – we’ve unearthed some delicious Scottish biscuits to complement our Scottish cheeses courtesy of The Orkneys.

Made to a traditional recipe, lovely Orkney Bakery Smoked Cheese Biscuits (Pack of 15) come to you from the famous archipelago off of Scotland’s north-eastern coast, and they are a bit moreish, on account of the fact that they are made with flavoursome, award-winning Orkney smoked cheese. For a change, you might like to try the Caramelised Onion ones too, and if you’ve a sweet tooth, may we recommend the Orkney Bakery Beremeal Shortbread - just like your Granny used to make it!

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