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Posted by Penelope Smallwood
The cheese is fantastic but what makes this company extra special is the customer services. Despite a small hitch with my order I was extremely impressed and totally satisfied with the way and manner it was resolved. I recommend the cheese and the company without reservation.
Posted by Kelvin James
I have tried loads of different cheddar cheese's in my time, and I must say that the Mature Cheddar Truckle is at the top of my list!!
Posted by Paul, Norwich
I purchased the cheddar cheese with a dark chocolate infusion and offered tastings at my workplace and was well received and extremely tasty. You may have some new customers heading your way! Fantastic website! Fantastic everything! Keep up the great work!!
Posted by Martyn
Just purchased some cheeses from the stand at the Christmas Ideal Home Show this was after trying the Shropshire Blue with the pear and vanilla I quickly made a purchase along with some others. Gladly I have realised the farm is just a 20minute drive from home so I will be returning once I'm through with my current selection.

Thanks for the very generous samples, best stand at the show.
Posted by Tracy and Brett
Simply the Best!
We have been buying Truckle cheese for two years now and cannot find another cheese to rival its amazing taste and texture. The mail order service is excellent and the cheese is to die for!
We love it - thank you.
Posted by Angela Adams
Just when I thought your delicious cheese couldn't get any better I had a Revelation Cheddar gift. I would never have considered buying it but now I'm hooked! Thank you so much!
Posted by Sarah Waller
Goats cheese and onion marmalade
First saw you at Hampton Court, we were exhibiting very near to you! I bought goats cheese, cheddar and the famous onion marmalade! Absolutely delicious! I have now sorted out most of my Christmas presents!!! Thankyou....!!!
Posted by Alan Heath
Best farmhouse ever tasted
Amazing cheddar and marmalade, don't open when you have guest if you expect to have any left.... It was a real hit with our family.
Posted by Wendy Sarah Cullen
Blind tasting defies expectation
My husband and I tried your Revelation cheese at Ripley Castle Summer sale, he'd forgotten his spectacles so could not see the description. Result disbelief of combination. Conclusion, Wow! please may I have some more . Appendix Far too good to share.
Posted by Lawrence Churchman
Good food show
I first discovered truckle at the good food show i am so glad i did its the best cheese EVER!!
Posted by Sophie Burrows
Mmmmmm!! Yummy!
I have just placed my first order with you due to my mother getting me
hooked on your cheese!!! It is the most splendid thing i have tasted and it
is so versatile! MMMMM! Yummy!
Posted by Vicki Swaine
You are a pleasure to do business with!
I have probably placed five orders so far - all arrive very quickly and our guests are now Truckle Cheese Company devotees to a man - they all love your products. And you always add a personal touch - well done!
Posted by Aaron Kemp
It's a Revelation!
I would consider myself to be somewhat of a cheese lover of simple tastes. So when I purchased Revelation I was unsure if it would suit my palate. However I can honestly say that this is one of the finest infusions of flavour that I have ever tasted! Thankyou Truckle Cheese Co. for opening my eyes to this masterpiece.
Posted by Pamela Lloyd-George
Best Cheese Ever
Tried your cheese at Olympia Spirit of Spring, fantastic Blue Stilton and Cheddar have ordered more since.
Posted by Mary Hewins
Cheese heaven!
Posted by Jamie Willetts
Taste gets better! Its Stupendous, Exquisite, Delightful, a sensational product! Absolutely Lovin' it!
Wonderful onion marmalade!
We first sampled your marmalade at the good food show last year and we couldn't believe how amazing it tasted! We have just ordered our second batch, including the lovely mature cheddar! Delicious!
Posted by Susan Young
Tremendous Truckles!
Happily, found you at a Food Show at Windsor Racecourse and was very impressed by all aspects of your first class friendly company and not least, your superior cheese! Wonderful flavour and texture, beautifully packaged and solved many Christmas presents (especially good for the Gents!) and I was delighted by how appreciative the recipients were. Delivered in excellent condition exactly when arranged. Well done - a Great British product and company!
Posted by Dean Thompson
Vintage Cheese Truckle & Onion Marmalade
Best i Ever Tasted
Posted by Nancy Johnson
The best mature cheddar I have ever encountered!
Posted by Jamie Willetts
Sensational Onion Marmalade!
Even though i'm on a tight budget i always make sure i have some of your onion marmalade in my fridge i love it, it tastes like no other. Simply sensational! Keep up the good work!
Posted by Brenda Burrows
I am in Heaven
I bought your Onion Marmalade from The Home And Country Show in London while I was visiting my Daughter, I can't stop eating it, I am in Heaven. Got to order another jar before I run out.
It's great with the Vintage Cheddar if you want to impress your friends at a dinner party. Brenda x
Posted by Ian Dickenson
Customer Service as good as the cheese
I can honestly say the vintage Cheddar cheese is absolutely out of this world as is the customer service. Sally and Christine went out of the way to help us and we finally got our gorgeous cheese. Wish all companies were as good as this one. Well done and a big thank you.
Posted by Susan Mason
Store cupboard essential
Haven't cooked anything savoury without adding a spoonful of onion marmalade since October. More supplies needed.
Posted by Caterina Veronese
Addictive Cheese
This cheese is like chocolate, when you start you never stop!
Posted by Susan Mason
All gone!
Oh dear, I've just had to place an online order. The truckles and onion marmalade I bought at the Bank of England for Christmas presents have all gone!
Posted by Heather Little
Taste sensation
I tried the Wenslydale with cranberry cheese topped with the pear and vanilla chutney at Ardingly Xmas Food show 2010, it was amazing! I wish there was a stockist in my area as I am well and truly hooked. I have never tasted cheese like it. The pear and vanilla chutney is out of this world!!!
Posted by Ghudda Bree
The Divine Caseus
Let us be clear: This is not just cheese. It's heaven. Non-denominational Christian heaven.

Look, there's a lot to it. It's full and rich and worth every penny. Try it with some ales. (Or try it with some wheat crackers. It's complimented well.)

I fell to my knees at the first bite. And you will too!
Posted by Katie Watson
MasterChef Live Show 2010
Amazing tasting session!! Can't believe how tasty the Creamy Blue Stilton is!!!! Best ever Stilton I have tasted! Fantastic Christmas present gifts, can't wait to see their reactions!!! Brilliant find, will be buying more :)
Posted by Ian Dickenson
Found Truckle Cheese at The Good Food Show 2010, best find ever, can't stop eating the Vintage Cheddar, must go need to place an order...........
Posted by Linda weaver
What a taste sensation
Purchased the vintage cheddar and pear and vanilla chutney at Ardingly Food show, Christmas 2009 also bought cheese at 2008 show. Totally sold on both. What a taste sensation.
Posted by Dave Raisin
Lovely cheese that bites back!!!
My wife and I bought both Vintage Cheese and the Onion Marmalade whilst at the Good Food Show at the NEC. Both products were superb, and we will most definitely be purchasing your products in the future. Lovely cheese that bites back!!!
Posted by Emma Browne 
Wonderful Cheese
I was persuaded to buy the cheese and onion marmalade combo at the Autumn Game Show at Ardingly this weekend. OMG I am so glad I was! The cheese is creamy and flavoursome and the onion marmalade is the perfect compliment to the cheese. I have enjoyed it at lunch now 3 days with oat cakes and I haven't enjoyed lunch like this for a long time!
Highly recommend your cheese and onion marmalde to all I know!

Many thanks
Posted by Karen Haig
Excellent Service
fantastic delivery service, plus glorious taste explosion!
Posted by J Cash
Delicious and worth the money
I brought some of your products at a Christmas fare and they are delicious and worth the money :)))
Posted by Rich Smith
Gorgeously addictive
Stumbled upon Truckle at Taste of London 2010 - the cheddar and onion marmalade combo was the best purchase of the day
Posted by Sy Roberts
The best combination of taste... ever!
My wife bought me the Onion Marmalade and a Truckle of Cheddar and I can honestly say that it's the best combination of taste .....ever. I look forward to eating (to much) more.
Posted by Paul — Newbury
The best Vintage Mature cheese ever!
Discovered the Truckle peeps at the Newbury Show and had my first taste of the Vintage Mature. Amazing! They now have a customer for life as no other cheese will cut it for me.
Posted by Patricia Ashton
Can't live without the onion marmalade
The almost empty jar sits on my desk at the side of me as I order a new one - the aroma is driving me crazy - new jar come soon please.
Posted by Christine Barker
Simply The Best
Bought some of the Vintage Cheddar cheese at Olympia a few weeks ago it was simply delicious I kept going back for more and promoting the cheese everywhere I went well I am from the North we communicate with Folk up here I am just about to order more (YOU ALL MUST)
Posted by Yvonne Ratcliffe
I attended the Newby Hall food fair at Ripon yesterday and I have purchased your vintage cheddar cheese and the wonderful pear and vanilla chutney. I feel like I've found treasure. Can't stop eating and I'm so glad I bought 2 of each. Now I'm on the website to purchase more! Thank you!
Posted by Kevin North
Pure heaven!
I bought some of your mature cheddar and onion marmalade at the Sudeley Castle event in April. This has to be the best cheddar I have ever tasted! The combination of your cheddar with your onion marmalade and a glass of red wine is pure heaven! Thank you for being there!
Posted by David Rouse
Mmmm, that Onion Marmalade!
Quite simply, delicious.
Try it with pate on toast - divine.
Posted by Kerry Newton
The vintage cheese and onion marmalade was so scrummy!
I first bought the vintage cheese and onion marmalade at the SECC. was so scrummy that I ordered the larger truckle and put it in the freezer, it didnt stay there long! Ive just ordered another small one and a jar of marmalade to take round to my friends as a wee thank you for dinner. I will be back!
Posted by Alice Southwell
Love it!
My friend bought me some, and before I've never been that keen on cheese, but I absolutely love this stuff! Especially with the onion marmalade! :D
Posted by Richard Allen
Simply incredible!
We visited your stall had a taste and purchased The Vintage Cheddar and Onion Marmalade at the BBC Good Food show... but the true magnificence wasn''t achieved until we got home... I am truly in bewildered awe...simply incredible and will be be spending obscene amounts on this again for christmas.
Posted by Alan
I was amazed, it has such a full bodied flavour, but at the same time creamy and light; it is had to believe it is a cheddar it is so unique. Wonderful.
Posted by Sarah
Wow love this stuff!
Wow love this stuff. New to us last year and bought last year at Blenheim palace,i have bought my ticket for this year just so i can buy my lush mature and onion marmalade. Can't wait.
Posted by Tracy Hardman
Will never buy a different cheese again!
My Husband and I both agree that the Mature Cheddar is the best cheddar we have ever tasted - will never buy a different cheese again. Thank you.
Posted by Gill Wood
They are absolutely gorgeous!
I bought a large Vintage Mature and Vesuvius cheeses at a show at the NEC recently. They are absolutely gorgeous. I like to try 'new' cheeses and I'm so glad I tried yours. I tasted the onion marmalade too and bought some which I plan to save for Christmas. I've had to hide it so I'm not tempted. I'll definately be back for more.
Posted by Rachael Brudenell
The best onion marmalade and cheese I have ever tasted
I purchased some of your cheese and onion marmalade at the Taste of Christmas show at Excel at the beginning of december - Wow! Best onion marmalade and cheese I have ever tasted - will definitely order more - b***dy fantastic!
Posted by Karen
Onion Marmalade complements the cheese perfectly!
I brought some truckle cheese and onion marmalade at blackthorpe barn in 2008 I can not wait to get back there to buy some more and will be using the web site to stock up during the year.Every family get together the cheese came out and the marmalade complements the cheese perfectly. I had lots of comments so will be buying larger cheese and marmalade this year.
Posted by Chris Stanier
Onion Marmalade & Vintage Cheddar Tastes Amazing!!
I tried the marmalade and vintage chedder at the good food show (2009), I have to say they taste amazing! I now wish I'd bought loads more!
Posted by Lynn Despard
Wonderful cheese suitable for vegetarians!
My sister gave me some of your vintage cheddar cheese with chilli as part of my Christmas present. The taste was fabulous. I have been vegetarian for nearly thirty years and it is wonderful to have a cheese like this which is suitable for vegetarian diet.
Posted by Sian Jenkins
Stilton is the best ever tasted!
I would just like to thank you for my order. I first tasted your products through Idealworld Shopping Channel and was amazed with their quality and taste. My husband has commented that your Stilton is the best he has ever tasted, and believe me he is hard to please when it comes to food. I have introduced a few friends to your cheese and hope they too will become fans! I will no doubt be ordering again once this batch has been eaten. Thanks again.
Posted by admin
Many thanks for the hampers we ordered as presents. All the recipients are extremely pleased with them! I loved the personal service I received when I rang to order, with such help as to what I should send to various individuals.

Happy Christmas to you all.
Posted by Kelv
I just adore the creamy, mature taste of your cheddar truckle. Thanks guys.
Posted by Gill Simmons
Onion Marmalade and cheese tastes amazing! Bought some at Ideal Home Exhibition after tasting it. Will definitely be buying some more from your website
Posted by Rita Livesey
Just received your Creamy Blue Stilton cheese for Easter. It was delicious, rich and creamy, a favourite in our house. Thank you
Posted by Sarah
I was so pleased to see you today at the NEC Birmingham. I found you last year at a show down South and was hooked on your cheddar and onion marmalade straight away, so to see you today and buy more made my day :)) No other cheese comes anywhere near you.
Posted by Beverley waites
I have been looking for a quality cheese for a long time, tried all the cheeses in supermarkets and found that we have been left disappointed .
Looked all over the Internet and found this company, tried the cheese for the first time last weekend - I do not have to look any more.
Fantastic taste and very creamy. Will buy my cheese from Truckle again.
I would also like to say there customer service is very good

Thank you
Posted by Carolyn Payne
Bought a cheddar truckle at the spirit of Christmas fair, along with the spiced strawberry chutney. Resisted them until today. Absolutley delicious! The whole family commented on the quality and taste. A special finish to a special meal. Really added that extra touch for Christmas Day! Hope we have occasion to buy more cheese from you before next Christmas!!
Posted by Ria Rijs
Can I just say that there customer service is exceptial . The vacum seal on the cheese developed a slight puncture which resulted that I couldnt keep it as long as stated . I contacted the company and they immmediately send me a replacement . This is what you call customer service . Each year at the newbury show I make sure that I visit them and buy some cheese also to take abroad with me for my family .
Posted by sue mills
Your stilton is just the best, wonderfully creamy and full of taste buy it in October and eat at Christmas when it is very matured. Have got friends 'hooked' on it as well.
Onion marmalade and your cheddar - just delicious. First tried your products 3 years ago and have purchased at various shows since.
Excellent service when I had a problem. Thank you very much
Posted by Bill
I, too, saw you at Hampton court Flower show.
Your cheddar and onion marmalade is to die for.
The Parmesan is great too
Posted by Sarah
I was so pleased to see you today at the NEC Birmingham. I found you last year at a show down South and was hooked on your cheddar and onion marmalade straight away, so to see you today and buy more made my day :)) No other cheese comes anywhere near you.
Posted by Steve
We have been eating Truckle cheese for many years, the purple is a good strong flavoured cheddar and the blue a wonderfully creamy stilton.

We saw you at Malvern show, a friend went to BBC Gardeners World show and we have just visited you at Hampton Court Flower Show. Next show is the Great British Beer Festival...
Posted by Tanya
We received a wonderful Christmas gift - truckle's vintage cheddar and onion marmalade it tasted amazingly creamy and the whole family enjoyed it. We shall definitely be buying that again - Thankyou Truckles!!
Posted by Sian
Lovely yummy cheddar cheese. The best!
Posted by Hilary Forder
So impressed with the customer service which went above and beyond expectations. Thank you to the team. PS the onion marmalade is now a permanent feature in our house!
Posted by Tony & Gláucia
We live in Brazil but visited the UK in November, buying some of your Mature FArmhouse Cheddar from a Christmas Fair near Guildford. Three months later, I found the unopened cheese in our fridge. It is SO GOOD! It is delicious and full of flavour. I think our Brazilian friends will be getting a (small) taste when they visit next weekend! Thank you. :-)
Posted by Revelyne
Bought a super size 900g extra mature cheddar at Royal Berkshire Polo event in July. I am still eating it. Keeps very well using the top as a lid on the ever decreasing content. Its THE BEST CHEDDAR i have ever eaten. I like tasty mature cheese and the flavour is superb and absolutely no waxy texture. A little of this super flavour packed cheese goes a long way hence im still eating it. will never buy another cheddar. When they say extra mature.. this is the best. Well done Dorset. Wish more places stocked it.
Posted by VAL WARD
The cheese I bought is just the best will be looking for you again at the sandringham show I also bought a cool basket which is just great to use
thank you
val ward
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